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Ventosa Plantation Winery....

The sweet smelling substance pours slowly from the steel tap, filling the small glass decanter held beneath it. As it's lifted toward the ceiling, the pale yellow liquid catches the light, setting it aglow like a flaming amber. "Just like the sun on a Carolina Beach" says Alex McLennan part owner/operator of Ventosa Plantation Winery.

Located in a remote corner of Scotland Neck on Clark Canal Road, the winery, which has been in operation a scant two years, is producing blends of quality well above the average, highly sweetened brands found at the local grocer. Both whites and reds are aimed at those 30 and over who have a taste for something sharper with a bit of bite.

The process begins in the vineyard, located on 16 acres of fertile Halifax County soil carved out of nearly 5,000 acre family owned farm. Over the rows of vine covered wires running the length of the fields, the vineyard grows Muscadine grape plants of four varieties: Magnolias, a densely fruited plant used for white wines; Triumphs, which are much like the Magnolias, but not as productive; Nobles, a red wine grape, which grow quickly and produce a heavy fruit; and Carlos, McLennan's favorite, which produces the largest grapes
and thickest foliage of the four.  
Among health enthusiasts, the Muscadine branch is famed for its high antioxidant content. Recently, its gained favor among celebrities due to is alleged anit-aging properties.

The grapes are harvested during a narrow 7 to 8 day period in August or September. Using a mechanical
harvester outfitted with a conveyer belt, the grapes are knocked off the stems by way of a series of metal arms in the machine's center, which passes directly over the plants. The grapes are loaded into a stainless steel harvest wagon before being place into a crusher and de-stemmer, which separate leaves, stems and other trash from the grape and then crushes it into juice and pulp, known as must.

From there, the pre-wine product goes into a holding tank, where it is tested for acidity (pH levels) before being introduced to winery.


Please visit our online store on the home page to purchase our wine.
Enjoy - from our family to yours!

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